User Manual
Aluminium phosphide is active ingredient which upon exposure to moisture releases phosphine gas (PH3) which is used for the control of eggs, larvae, pupae and adults of most stored product pests.
Aluminium phosphide is for the fumigation of stored grains, cereals, pulses, millet and propagation seeds, bulk stock feeds, milled products, de-oiled cakes, rice bran flour, suji meals and crushed grain, processed and packaged food stuffs, dry fruits, nuts, spices, oil seeds, tobacco, etc.....
Type of fumigation Dosage Exposure period
Bulk grain in silos, large bins
and similar vertical storage
2-4 tablets
per cubic meter
Long periods typical
e.g. 8 to 10 days
Bulk grain and raw
commodities in flat storage
3-5 tablets
per cubic meter
Min. 120 to 168 hrs at 10-15 C,
98 to 120 hrs at 16-20 C,
72 to 96 hrs above 20 C
Space fumigation of packed
foods and feeds, non-food items
stacked under gastight covers
1 to 1.5 tablets
per cubic meter
Min. 120 to 168 hrs at 10-15 C,
98 to 120 hrs at 16-20 C,
72 to 96 hrs above 20 C
Space fumigation of empty
0.5 to 1 tablets
per cubic meter
Min. 120 to 168 hrs at 10-15 C,
98 to 120 hrs at 16-20 C,
72 to 96 hrs above 20 C

Note : The above recommendations are to be regarded as guidelines only. Local regulations have to be observed strictly. The most important factor for a successful fumigation is proper sealing.
Do not fumigate when temperature is below 5C (10F). Each 3 gram tablet generates 1 gram phosphine gas (PH3)

Precautions :
Aluminium phosphide and its fumes are highly toxic. Read safety instructions before opening or using. Handle with care, avoid contact with pesticides. Wear full protective clothing like rubber gloves and respirators while handling. Do not eat, drink or smoke when handling. Do not inhale dust or gas, use detector strips before entering treated areas.
Symptoms :
Headaches, pressing sensation in chest, dizziness, nausea, difficulty in breathing, vomiting and diarrhoea.
First aid :
In all cases of over-exposure, get medical attention immediately. If swallowed, call poison centre or doctor immediately. Begin artificial respiration if the victim is not breathing, preferably by mouth to nose. Induce vomiting except if patient is unconscious. If inhaled, move victim to fresh air, give artificial respiration if breathing is stopped. If on skin or clothing, brush or shake material off clothing and shoes in a well ventilated area. Remove contaminated cothing and flush skin and hair with running water. If in eyes, wash immediately with water for 15 to 20 minutes.
Guide to physicians :
To control convulsion, give diazepam 5-10 mg intravenously for adults and 0.1 mg/kg for children under 12 years. Repeat dosage in 4 to 6 hours if necessary. Symptomatic treatment as per physician's guidelines.
Disposal :
The container must not be re-used. It must be crushed and buried away from habitation. Surplus and washing should be disposed off in a manner to prevent environmental or water pollution.
Seller warrants that this product conforms to its commercial description and when used according to label directions under normal conditions of use, it is reasonably fit for the purpose stated on the label. Seller makes no other warranty, either express or implied, and buyer assumes all risks should the product be used contrary to the label instruction. The seller is not able to take any responsibility for possible failures or any damages caused to men, animals or things.
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